How to make energetic “Baby Yoda Drink (Cocktail)” in 2022


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How to make “Baby Yoda Drink (Cocktail)”

The Baby Yoda Drink Cocktail blends the flavor of fresh Kiwi and sweet, simple syrup and vodka into a gorgeous green drink. The Baby Yoda Drink is one of the sweetest drinks around! Serve this drink for St. Patrick’s Day, May the Fourth (Star Wars Day) or any time you need a gorgeous green drink. You’ll be awestruck by this Kiwi martini!

If you’re a fan of Star Wars cocktails and seek more ideas for your next appetizer, take a look at our top pick for your next party (but be sure to offer it alongside this)! Your guests will be delighted by the Caprice Salad Skewers or take a bite of the French fries from an air fryer. A coupe glass is filled with a martini made of green kiwis, slices of kiwis for ears, and black olives in an eye-catching cocktail stirrer. The stem of the glass is covered in a brown bag “coat”. Cut kiwis can be seen in the foreground and are covered with a striped black and white towel.

Fresh Kiwis Give This Baby Yoda Drink Cocktail a Burst of Flavor and Bright Green Color


I don’t know about others. However, Baby Yoda is one of my favorite characters, baby! I was enthralled by the adorable little boy from when I first saw Yoda in The Mandalorian. I really want to have a Baby Yoda to go around in a pod along with me wherever I travel.

Baby Yoda is the star in The Mandalorian, alongside Mando. It’s an offshoot of Star Wars. I’m not giving any information away. You must go and watch it. Must. I know you know…his name isn’t really Baby Yoda However, it’s just how Yoda did as a child. In the show, he’s known as “The Child,” but later on, we learn his real name: Grog. The second season of The Mandalorian ended (insert sad face emoticon here). I was convinced that I had to come up with Yoda’s Cocktail. I’ve heard that there is a possibility that we won’t get to see Baby Yoda until 2022. It’s so far from now, but I’m guessing we’ll be drinking plenty of these martinis made of Kiwi to make up for the absence.

A coupe glass stuffed with a green kiwi martini. Slices of kiwis for ears, and olives of black on an eye-catching cocktail stirrer. The glass’s stem is covered in a brown bag “coat”. Cut kiwis are displayed in the foreground and are surrounded by a vibrant yellow towel.

This Delicious Kiwi Martini is So Fun and Easy To Make


The best part with this cocktail is it can alter it to your liking. If you have a different green cocktail that you prefer (like the Baby Yoda Margarita), you can use it as a substitute and still dress it to look like Baby Yoda. Make it as a mocktail (a cocktail that doesn’t have alcohol) in case you plan to serve it to kids or if you aren’t drinking alcohol. It is possible to use any green drink, such as virgin margarita mix or green Kool-Aid. My children enjoy making a kiwi drink and Yoda juice. I added a small amount of Kiwi juice to the basic syrup (simple kiwi syrup) and added some club soda and Sprite.

This could be the perfect Star Wars cocktail for St. Patrick’s Day on May the Fourth. Serve it at your New Year’s party, get with friends, or just about any time throughout the calendar year (as you locate Kiwis). A coupe glass stuffed with a martini made of green kiwis, cut kiwis to ear and olives in black on the cocktail stirrer to look at. The glass’s stem is covered in a brown paper “coat”. Cut kiwis are placed in the foreground, surrounded by an uplifting yellow towel.

What to do With Kiwis? Create this best tasting Kiwi Vodka Martini


It’s simple to make the most adorable Yoda drink you can find!

Make your Baby Yoda accessories first. Cut a kiwi in two lengthwise. With a sharp paring knife, strip the furry brown skin off of one side of the Kiwi. Then, cut it again in half in length. They are his ears. Put two olives on an extended toothpick. Or cocktail pick. Cut a small rectangular from a brown lunch bag to make his adorable small outfit. Make the simple syrup by following this recipe (super easy) or purchase it. Since you don’t have an actual shaker, place kiwis into a metal shaker using simple syrup or the large glasses (or a stainless steel Yeti tumbler, guilt as the law). Smash the Kiwi using an ice cube or an old wooden spoon as you don’t have a muddler!

A coupe glass stuffed with a martini made of green Kiwi, slices of kiwis for ears, and olives in black on an eye-catching cocktail stirrer. The glass’s stem is covered in a brown paper “coat”. The cut kiwis are located in the background.

Fresh Limes are a better choice than Kiwis to make Baby Yoda’s ears more earth-friendly for this Baby Yoda Drink Cocktail Recipe.

Incorporate a few pieces of ice, then add vodka. Set the lid on the metallic shaker (or Yeti tumbler and cover with a gap). Strain into a coupe glass. Then, top with kiwi ears and olive eyes, wrap his costume around the stem of the glass and secure it with tape.

That’s it! A mere few minutes of adorableness overflow. The Baby Yoda Drink isn’t just cute, but it tastes great. You can also make kiwi martinis without the adorable Yoda accessories.


  1. Sugar Granulated sugar
  2. Water Filtered Water


  1. Combine water and sugar in a small pan.
  2. Bring the mixture to a boil. Stir until all sugar has dissolved. Cool it completely before serving.


  1. Kiwi: You’ll need an entire kiwi to make the drink and half a Kiwi in his ears.
  2. Easy Syrup simple to make your own (instructions follow) or purchase it from a grocery store.
  3. Vodka: We enjoy Gray Goose, but use whatever you want.
  4. Olives: Black olives. There are two olives of black for each drink to feed Baby Yoda’s eyes.


  1. Make your own Baby Yoda outfit. Instructions are listed above or on the card with recipes.
  2. Cut the Kiwi in half, then use the spoon to scoop the insides of the skin. You’ll need one full Kiwi for each drink.
  3. Place the Kiwi into an aluminum cup and add simple syrup.
  4. Mix the Kiwi in the syrup.
  5. Pour in ice until about 3/4 of the way complete. Pour in vodka.
  6. It should be shaken for a minimum of 10 seconds. Strain it into a coupe glass (similar to a rounded martini glass).
  7. Then, place the ears on either side of the glass. The olives stick should be placed on the front. Wrap the rectangular portion of brown paper around the glass stem, then attach it with tape.


  1. Make use of a cut lime to ear instead of Kiwi.
  2. Simple syrup can be stored inside an airtight container for one month in the refrigerator.
  3. You could also use brown burlap instead of a brown paper bag.
  4. I folded on the sides of my brown bag to create an elongated collar.
  5. To tie the bag’s outfit with paper to secure it, fold a tiny bit of tape with the sticky side out into a loop and then re-stick it to the bag. This will create a piece of two-sided tape (or use two-sided tape). Put it inside the jacket toward the top to secure it closed.

In conclusion, the Baby Yoda drink is a delicious and refreshing beverage that is perfect for any occasion. It is perfect for hot summer days, parties, and gatherings. I highly recommend giving Baby Yoda drink a try!



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