The Benefits of Using a Keypad Door Lock


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When you look at your home, this protection simply depends on the strength and sophistication level of your door locks. There are several resolutions today to ensure the safety of your properties, each option providing different levels of protection, including strengths and weaknesses in particular cases.

Among those keypad locks has become popular today for their convenience that is easy and cost-effective to purchase and set up. It has multiple facilities and can adjust to any doors whether in homes or businesses. It does not have the chance to attempt break-in or be pushed by theft or any criminals like traditional locks.

The keypad lock has many advantages but for its switch codes system, it has become one of the best choices. You need to contact a professional locksmith like Avidor Ederi to install the keypad locksmith because if it is not set up properly, it has a chance to bypass. The locksmith will ensure that your locks are properly positioned and that you are protected from now on.

  • Keyless Entry System

Unlike the regular door lock system, keypad locks do not have to use any kind of traditional key, rather you can use a code ‍system for your entrance. This is a keyless access system if a person knows the codes, he is able to gain entrance rather than using a group of keys to lock or unlock your doors. By using this kind of entry system, you never have to carry and concern about lost or stolen keys as well as don’t need to hide them from the hands of unauthorized people.

  • Better Home Security

All people want to feel safe and comfortable with their valuables at home. This is the reason people most of the time concern their safety and security. And this concern is likely for the most vulnerable door locks. However, the door locks of the keypad are made by a variety of sophisticated technologies that make it more robust and protective to limit an intruder from entering. So you may end up worrying about unauthorized entry into your home. If an intruder tries to enter your home, he’ll first need to know the door lock access code.

  • Changeable Entry Codes

It is the most beneficial side of using the keypad door locks that its code combination can be easily changeable. If you have noticed that your current codes have been disclosed to unauthorized individuals, you can change the codes immediately. Furthermore, if you have determined to rent your house to a new tenant or sell it to another new owner, you don’t need to change your locks at all., rather you can simply notify them about your codes system.

  • Standard design and easy to install

There are plenty of designs available for keypad door locks. You can choose your choice. The locks are easy to install and have a powerful protective mechanism. Due to the complexity produced, no one can duplicate your locks. Nowadays, manufacturers are just making a copy of the keypad door locks to customers’ needs.

  • More safety for your children 

Don’t worry that your children will lose the keys to the house while they are busy going to school. Your children will never be locked out of the house when he comes from school. Because, when they know the codes to unlock the door, they are not late to open the door and the door will lock automatically when they enter the home.

  • Durability

Keypad locks usually do not increase damage from use and will continue for a long time without any hassle once you enter a passcode. In the case of traditional locks and keys, they are often stuck or rigid, lost and at one time their access is duplicated by individuals. Sometimes, you may experience a lockout problem from a malfunction lock or key. Keypad thus saves you additional pays for maintenance or lubricating your traditional locks as well as can give a longer period of using benefits without any hassle.


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